Social responsibility

Company TIPOS is national lottery company, incorporated company, its 100 percent shareholder is the Ministry of Finance SR. It operates under the Act No. 171/2005 Coll. on gambling games ( up to 2005 Act No. 194/1990 Coll.).

Company TIPOS levies into the state budget a legal tax. In the frame of the Act on gambling games the money is consequently distributed for generally beneficial activities such as health care, social care and help, humanitarian care, creation development and renewal of cultural values, supporting of art and cultural activities, education, sport development, creation and protection of living environment, protection of health of inhabitants by supporting physical training, sport, education of young people, supporting health cultural and environmental events.

Honesty, reliability and punctuality are the values that company TIPOS acknowledges on the market.

The main target of the national lottery company TIPOS is to profile clearly as a stabile dynamic and trustful national lottery company that creates recourses to support good cases.

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